NZ6 Round 6 – Hampton Downs

NZ6 Round 6 – Hampton Downs

March 2014

6-800NZsix Round 6 took place at the Mid Summer Thunder at Hampton Downs with two clear, sunny days and good close racing action. Qualifying had its close times in the Super6 with Matt Dovey fastest and Darren Swinburn close behind clipping at his heels. Old timer Sean Elder brought the Falcon in third. HQs saw Murray Brookes put up the fastest time and to every ones surprise, Janine Douglas, not checking out the flaggies, put the pedal to the metal finishing half a second behind Murray. Darrell Harris closed up in third.

Race 1

2-800Darren got the jump on Matt at the lights, running the train through to Sean, Bruce Kennedy and Brent Cooper close behind. Matt did his best at a few late brake attempts but couldn’t execute his moves. Darren kept his lead, with Matt second and Brent third, getting the jump on Sean as he just got the mighty Falcon home with a blown third gear. Bruce Kennedy had a early retirement with gear box issues.

The HQ race had a full bunch hitting turn one with Murray taking the lead and second season rookie Anthony Allen controlling second place and Darrell, using all her years of race experience to take him, still ended up in a close third. Janine was close behind having a really good battle with Andrew Ross. Janine held on for fourth . The return of Garry Kirkbride saw him have a early retirement with his rear axle singing the tune “its a fine time to leave me lose wheel”. Gerard Hayman closed up the rear, playing his favorite TV show the Dukes of Hazards. One of the female contenders, Linda Torrence, had a rear end mishap with her diff in qualifying which put her out for the weekend.

Race 2

3-800Darren, on pole, had the lead, with Dovey once again chasing him down. Sean and Brent had a good battle for 3rd. With four laps to go Dovey decided to sing the same tune as Gary in race one “it’s a fine time to leave me lose wheel”!! This put Matt out of the race, moving Sean up to second until Sean’s replacement gearbox decided to let go, giving Brent a nice finish for second place and a second quicker for his trouble on his lap time.

In HQs, once again Murray lead to the checked flag giving him a good lead for the championship for the last round. Gary and Andrew had a good ding dong for the remaining podium places with Garry second and Andrew a close third. Gerard’s Dukes of Hazards skill didn’t cut in quick enough into turn 3, and he collected Matt’s lost wheel damaging his front suspension, forcing Gerard to retire and out for the rest of the weekend.

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Race 3

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Only 3 Super sixes made the starting gate, with Brett on pole for the first time in the super six, followed by Darren and Matt. Off the lights, Darren didn’t take long to take the lead, while Brett tried to make his car as wide as a bus to keep Matt out. With a great late brake move on the inside on corner 2, Matt got the move on Brent and then put his head down to catch Darren. With 3 laps to go Matt did all he could to get the lead and did so a couple of times but Darren was just too good and took the win, with Matt second and Brent third. This has to be some of the best racing between Super Six drivers I have seen for a long time.

With Murray on pole and Janine in the mighty green machine second out of the gate, where Murray had a flying start and gained a large lead and raced with himself over the whole 6 laps to take the win. This left the rest of the field to have a very close battle. Andrew Ross got a move on Janine, moving into second place. Janine decided not to make this plain sailing for Andrew, making him work for every corner over the following laps. This was great driving on Janine’s part to hold third place as the rest of the field was clipping at her rear bumper for the two podium finishes. Gary had a go at mowing the lawns just off turn 1 but did a great job to hold the old girl straight and got back onto the grey stuff and carry on racing.

The stand out performance for the weekend for me in the HQs has to go the the green machine of Janine Douglas who drove like a real racer hunting down a win. New comer Lincoln Prouting, from Hazard Racing, racing an HQ for the first time drove very well for a first timer. A big thanks goes out to Andrew Ross who is leaving the club to race bigger, faster cars and we wish him all the best. Looking forward to the last round in Taupo at Easter, with the second round of the Super Six National round, with a least 6 South Island members traveling north. I am expecting at least 20 plus cars for this final round so hope to see you all there.


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