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Want to Race?

NZ Six is an affordable way to start car racing. Whether you are interested in it for fun or looking to start a racing career, NZ Six offers competitive car racing to test your driving skills.
There are two race classes

  • HQ Holdens
  • Super six

The Super six racing class is the classic Holden Commodore vs the Ford Falcon. Find out more

How to start

If you are interested in HQ Holden or super six racing and want to

  • talk about joining
  • have a test drive
  • be a passenger in a car
  • become involved in the club
  • come to a race day

Contact us The racing club is happy to answer all enquiries and would welcome new members.


Meet our drivers

Racing is not only for the men; women HQ Holden drivers are providing skillful competition with 1st & 2nd placing being the norm.
About women racers