What is NZ Six racing?

FUN! FUN! FUN! is the best way to describe NZ Six racing.
NZ Six has two race categories: the Holden HQs and the Super Six.

Racing an Holden HQ is described as “trying to steer a shopping cart with a bung wheel”! In addition to having a lot of fun racing one, if you manage to race an HQ Holden you are well on your way to racing anything!

The Super Six is the classic Ford Falcon vs Holden Commodore. These cars are lighter than the HQ Holdens and are more responsive to steering at speed.

Motor car racing is generally considered as an expensive sport. NZ Six racing is your chance to experience the exhilaration of speed on international race tracks at affordable cost.

NZ Six Philosophy

Drivers with the greatest skill should win, not the one who has spent the most money on their car. NZ six ensures fair racing by having a set of car specifications for each class.

See car specifications/ regulations

How do I get started?

The best way to start in NZ six is to give us a call. Contact NZ Six club president Peter Grant North Island President Phone : 021 949 225 or Murray Jack (Jacko)  , South Island President, Ph 027 487 2361

We can arrange for you to

  • be a passenger in a car
  • have a test drive
  • become involved in the club
  • come to a race day

If you think you’d like to join, we can give you details about getting a racing license and advice about buying your own racing car.

Where do I race?

North Island

Four race tracks are used in the north island:

  • Manfeild in Fielding
  • Taupo
  • Hampton Downs, Waikato
  • Pukekohe

South Island

Three tracks are used in the south island

  • Ruapuna in Christchurch
  • Levels in Timaru
  • Teretonga in Invercargill

Check under Events on this website for race dates

What to expect on race day?

Fun for the whole family!

Race day is really a race weekend. The first day can be used as a test or practice day with time slots available for
paperwork and for your car to be scrutinised (this is when your car is checked to ensure it meets the required specifications).
Qualifying times are also usually recorded on this day.

Racing takes place on days 2 and 3. Entertainment is provided for children and food stalls are available. This is a great social event and the club often holds barbeques during the race weekend.

Who can race?

Anyone 16 years or older can race, once they obtain their racing license. You do not need any previous racing experience.
Famous racing drivers Peter Brock, Greg Murphy and Chris Pither have all raced Holden HQs. Bathurst HQ in Australia is a well known race event attracting large crowds.

Getting a racing license

This involves a written and oral test with emphasis on knowledge of the meaning of various flags and rules. For more information go to
NZ Motorsport.

How do I buy a car?

There are often cars and parts for sale advertised on the NZ Six website. Peter Grant president of the North Island NZ Six club or Wayne Christie president of the South Island are happy to chat and advise on purchasing a race car.

How much does it cost?

A fully kitted racing car can cost around $4000 (HQ) to $13000 (Super6). Entry fees are approx. $275 per race and testing fees $100 approx. per race. You will also need to allow for car maintenance costs, fuel, transport and accommodation.


Some drivers have successfully obtained sponsorship from local businesses to help with the costs of racing.
This is great advertising for businesses as their logos are painted in high visibility on the racing car.

Frequency of races

Every year there are eight races on average for the Super six including the national championship and seven races for the HQs.
The HQs only run in the North Island.